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Our Team

Our team of researchers and engineers are making important discoveries and developing novel technology on a daily basis in our field of focuses.Read on to find out more.


Yuhong Cao

Principle Investigator (Professor)

  • Postdoc, UC Berkeley and Stanford University (Advisors Peidong Yang and Steven Chu)

  • Ph.D, Stanford University, Materials Science and Engineering (Advisor Nicholas Melosh)

  • B.S., Linfield College, Chemistry (Advisor Jim Diamond)



Yuanyuan Wu

Lab Manager

As our lab manager, Ms.Wu is a fundamental part of what makes our lab such an efficient research unit. 


Illustrated Mountains

Mr. No Name

Associate Professor

To be announced


Yao Cai

Special Research Assistant

  • Ph.D, University of Chinese Academic of Sciences, Institute of Geology and Geophysics 

  • B.S., Anhui Medical University, Department of Biotechnology

  • Research Interest: in vivo single cell tracking, magnetic nanoparticle, MRI



Tianrao Li

Graduate Student (Ph.D Program)

  • M.S., Harbin Institute of Technology, Materials Engineering. 

  • B.S., Chang’an University, Materials Science and Engineering. 

  • Research Interest: To be determined



Jintao Tong

Graduate Student (Ph.D Candidate)

  • M.S.,  Soochow University, Chemistry.

  • B.S.,  Southwest University, Applied Chemistry.

  • Research Interest: To be determined.

  • Email: 


Jiren Wen

Graduate Student (Ph.D Candidate)

M.S., University of Florida, Biomedical Engineering.

B.S., Hefei University of Technology, Biological Engineering. 

Research Interest: To be determined. 



Xiangyu Ren

Graduate Student (Master Program)

  • B.S., China Pharmaceutical University, School of life science. 

  • Research Interest: developing new strategy of traceless human induced pluripotent stem cells mediated by Nano-introduction technology

  • Email:


​Jianan Jing

Graduate Student (Master Program)

  • B.S.,Shanxi Agricultural University,Veterinary

  • Research Interest:Drug Delivery System for mRNA Vaccine 

  • Email:


Chenyi Wang

Graduate Student (Master Program)

  • B.S., Henan Normal University, Institute of Civil Engineering

  • Research Interest:  Water Purification, Nanotechnology 

  • ​​


Yu Lei

Graduate Student (Master Program)

  • B.S., University of Science & Technology Beijing, Materials Science and Engineering.

  • Research Interest: to be determined



Weiyu Li

Graduate Student (Master Program)

B.S., Beijing Institute of Technology, Biotechnology.
Research Interest: to be determined. 


Jin Zhang

Undergraduate Student

  • Junior Student at University of Chinese Academy of Science

  • Research Interest: to be determined 

  • Email:

Join Our Team

All prospective new graduate students and postdocs are interested in our group. 

Candidates with interdisciplinary training at the chemistry, nanomaterials and biology interface are encouraged to apply. Please contact Prof. Yuhong Cao directly by email at