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Our Team

Our team of researchers and engineers are making important discoveries and developing novel technology on a daily basis in our field of focuses.Read on to find out more.

People: Our Team

Yuhong Cao

Principal Investigator

Professor at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Postdoc, UC Berkeley and Stanford University 

  • Ph.D., Stanford University, Materials Science and Engineering

  • B.S., Linfield College, Chemistry 



Yuanyuan Wu

Lab Manager

As our lab manager, Ms.Wu is a fundamental part of what makes our lab such an efficient research unit. 


Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 10.09.34 AM.png

Dawei Xu

Associate Professor

  • Postdoc, UC Berkeley, Chemical Engineering

  • Ph.D., Clarkson University, Chemistry

  • M.S., Chongqing University, Biology

  • B.S., Linyi University, Biotechnology

  • Research Interest: mRNA Synthesis 

  • Email:


Di Sha

Research Consultant

  • Research Scientist, Emory University, Department of Pharmacology

  • Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University, Department of Neuroscience

  • B.S.,Tongji University, Medical School

  • Research interest: Cell Biology, Neuroscience,  Biotechnology

  • ​​Email:


Yao Cai

Special Research Assistant

  • Ph.D., University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geology and Geophysics 

  • B.S., Anhui Medical University, Department of Biotechnology

  • Research Interest: in vivo single cell tracking, magnetic nanoparticle, MRI



Zhujiang Liu

Special Research Assistant

  • Ph.D., University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Botany

  • B.S., Shandong Agricultural University, Biotechnology

  • Research Interest: Plant Breeding

  • Email:


Xiushuang Yuan


  • Ph.D., Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology

  • B.S., Huazhong Agricultural University, Department of Food Quality and Safety

  • Research Interest: Hydrogel and its related applications



Tianrao Li

Graduate Student (Ph.D Program)

  • M.S., Harbin Institute of Technology, Materials Engineering

  • B.S., Chang’an University, Materials Science and Engineering

  • Research Interest: mRNA Intracellular Delivery



Zhanfeng Wu

Graduate Student (Ph.D. Program)

  • M.S., ​University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Chemistry

  • B.S., Shandong University of Science and Technology

  • Research Interest: mRNA Synthesis



Dengwang Luo

​Graduate Student (PhD Candidate)

  • M.S., Fujian Medical University

  • B.S., Fujian Medical University

  • Research Interest: mRNA Design 

  • Email:


Xiangyu Ren

Graduate Student (Master Program)

  • B.S., China Pharmaceutical University, School of life science. 

  • Research Interest: Developing new strategy of traceless human induced pluripotent stem cells mediated by nano-introduction technology

  • Email:


Yuanri Hu

Graduate Student (Ph.D Candidate)


Yu Lei

Graduate Student (Master Program)

  • B.S., University of Science & Technology Beijing, Materials Science and Engineering.

  • Research Interest: to be determined



Weiyu Li

Graduate Student (Master Program)

  • B.S., Beijing Institute of Technology, Biotechnology.

  • Research Interest: to be determined. 



Ziyang An

High School Student (Internship)

In Love with Biotechnology


​Jin Zhang 

Chenyi Wang

Jiren Wen

Jianan Jing

Jintao Tong

Xuyu Yang

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