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Exploring the Wonder of Life Sciences with Nanotechnology


Research Interests

Our lab overarching research focuses on overcoming the current drug delivery barriers by applying micro-nanotechnology to develop non-viral delivery strategies enabling direct intracellular access for in vivo/in vitro biomedical applications with high viability, high efficiency, high uniformity and high throughput. We believe the novel strategies will produce great impact in various biomedical fields, including immunotherapy, regenerative medicine, and animal disease modeling, and will lead to both groundbreaking scientific discoveries and therapeutic/clinical applications.




2021 July 15

Jintao Tong, Jianan Li, Jiren Wen, Weiyu Li joined in.

2021 May 1

Chenyi Wang,Tiaorao Li,and Yu Lei joined in.

2021 March 15

Dr.Yao Cai joined in.

2021 March 2

​Xiangyu Ren Joined in.

2021 March 1

Yuanyuan Wu joined in.

2020 Dec 1

Dr.Yuhong Cao Joined in National Center of Nanoscience and Technology.


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Thanks for your interest in our research. Get in touch with us for any questions or comments regarding our work and publications.

Lab Address: 11 Zhongguancun Beiyitiao Haidian District, Beijing, China, 100190

Administrative Assistant: Yuanyuan Wu